Who can Produce Solar Energy?

Disadvantages of Non-renewable energy

  • Prices are rising day by day
  • Increase in temperature of the earth due to pollution, which is the subject of universal concern
  • Possibility of Natural resources to get exhausted
  • Differences rise between different nations due to uneven distribution of oil and gas

Non-renewable energy

Natural Gas

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is a new ray of hope for the world


Solar Energy

  • Sun is the primary source of energy on this earth.
  • According to Indian culture the Sun is worshipped as God who gives us life.
  • Sun is infinite, renewable and priceless source of energy.
  • Luckily, India is the country having more sunlight throughout the year.
  • Thus, solar energy is a bright source of energy in India.


Capacity of Solar energy

  • Energy we get from the Sun is enormous and in immense proportion
  • We can get energy equivalent to the total energy of all coal, oil and natural gas stored on the, only in 20 days from Solar Energy.
  • The energy from sunlight on earth is approximately 1000 V / sq.mtr
  • Map of Sunlight in India
  • Current situation of India

Solar Roof Top System

Electricity can be produced by installing Solar panels on your terrace.


Subsidy from State Government and Central Government

Society, environment, government and house-owner get many benefits with the installation of solar plant
Solar system is environment-friendly, noise free and smoke free
No extra maintenance expenses
Strong system – less expense
Make your terrace your saving account
Register today for getting benefit of subsidy

Process of producing solar energy

  1. Solar panel

  2. Mounting structure

  3. Inverter

  4. Main switch

  5. Usage of customer

  6. Net meter

  7. Use of grid

  8. Spike arrester

  • Solar panel generates electricity in D.C. form in day time.

  • Inverter converts D.C. in AC which is appropriate for house usage.
  • The generated electricity provides energy to run electrical appliances of the house.
  • The electricity generated during the day is utilised in daily use and if sufficient electricity is not generated, you can use the normal electricity.
  1. Solar panel converts sunlight into electricity

  2. Inverter converts DC in AC

  3. Then current passes in main switch

Cost Payable

Total Cost :69000 Total Cost :138000 Total Cost :207000 Total Cost :276000
Gujarat Government Subsidy :10000 Gujarat Government Subsidy:20000 Gujarat Government Subsidy:20000 Gujarat Government Subsidy:20000
Central Government Subsidy:20700 Central Government Subsidy:41400 Central Government Subsidy :62100 Central Government Subsidy :82800
Receivable Subsidy:30700 Receivable Subsidy:61400 Receivable Subsidy:82100 Receivable Subsidy:102800
Net Price - 38300 Net Price - 76600 Net Price :124900 Net Price :173200
Space Square foot :200 Space Square foot :300 Space Square foot :400 Space Square foot:500

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